• Todd James Pierce

Walt's First Park - All Four Parts

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Bandcamp Extra for September. This is a story I've tracked for years--the long forgotten story of Walt's First Park, an entertainment and sports complex he attempted to build in the late 1930s with Bing Crosby. The major biographies, which are mostly focused on animation, gloss over this or skip it entirely and don't recognize the importance of the event: this is the first significant stone that will eventually form a path to Disneyland. Many years ago, I wrote a shorter article about the Hollywood Sports Garden. In this four-part audio presentation, the article has been updated and expanded, with new sources. All four parts will appear in the next two weeks and are a set of extra "thank you" episodes for Bandcamp subscribers.

Episode Links:

Bandcamp: dhipodcast.bandcamp.com

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