• Todd James Pierce

A Long History of Madame Leota - Part Four

We are now up to episode four in our on-going series on the history of the Haunted Mansion, “A Long History of Madame Leota,” which is an additional “thank you” series for Bandcamp subscribers. For this episode, I’m posting up something extra, an image, likely, of a very early mock-up of a Mansion scene. A few years ago, in a set of slides dated to WED around 1960, I came across a curious image of a skeleton, draped in sheer fabric. The image matches exactly the description Rolly Crump gave for how they arranged one figure, the Captain’s wife, in this early presentation. You can see the photo here (see below), and the story of that experimental scene is told on today’s special Bandcamp episode.

Link to the Bandcamp extras: dhipodcast.bandcamp.com

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