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The Podcast

The DHI Podcast, started in 2013, began as a "blog-on-tape," an audio version of essays and articles I wrote for the DHI blog, but within a couple years, it had its own identity.  The podcast includes multi-part stories, stand-alone articles and the occasional interview, focused on the history of American animation and cinematic theme parks, with a heavy slant toward the works of Walt Disney and the Walt Disney Company.  Though for years it was a monthly podcast, in 2019, it expanded to a weekly format, with new episodes each Sunday exploring the worlds of Burbank, Anaheim, and Orlando.  Presently the podcast receives between 50,000 and 60,000 listeners each month and has millions of total downloads.  Free subscriptions are available on all podcast platforms.  A premium subscription on Bandcamp will deliver all episodes, including early releases and exclusive episodes not available anywhere else.  Bandcamp Link.   iTunes Link.

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