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For the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World, I was fortunate to be included in the ABC News / 2020 special on the history of Walt Disney and the Disney Parks in the the States.  This is an excellent program that explores personal connections between the Disney brothers and the parks, as well as the legacy of Disney World and of those who have worked there.  

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On Disney+, I'm a recurring on-screen guest for the series Behind the Attraction.  It's a fabulous production, with unique historical footage, that explores the design history of centerpiece attractions at Disney parks, such as The Jungle Cruise, It's a Small World, etc. Five episodes are up and streaming now, with five more to follow in a second season.


The June issue of The Writer features a craft article I wrote on non-verbal communication arranged into narration.  Thanks to the team at The Writer for including it in their pages.

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Usually I don't post reviews in the "News" section, but, when I was young, Leonard Maltin (along with Michael Barrier) was one of the first adults I saw who approached the art and history of animation as a serious topic.  He's posted a review of the Ward Kimball book (in which he calls it "a superb biography").  I'm very grateful for it.  You can read it on his site here.

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With 40,000 to 50,000 downloads each month, the DHI Podcast is one of the most popular animation and theme

park podcasts on the web.  Topics range from the history of early American animation to the influence of video games on theme park design.  Some episodes include interview segments with animators, artists, and other designers.  A new episode every Sunday.  Extra and early episodes available with the Bandcamp Premium Podcast.

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I’m the author of two books on the history of animation and the work of the Disney Studios: Three Years in Wonderland and The Life and Times of Ward Kimball. In addition to my non-fiction, I'm  the author of the novel, The Australia Stories and the story collection, Newsworld, which won the Drue Heinz Literature Prize and was a finalist for the John Gardner Book Award and the Paterson Prize.  My work has been published in Fiction, The Georgia Review, Harvard Review, The Gettysburg Review, Indiana Review, The Iowa Review, The Missouri Review, North American Review, Shenandoah, The Sun, Virginia Quarterly Review, and Willow Springs.  I live in a little town called Orcutt (just north of Santa Barbara, California) and co-direct the Creative Writing program at Cal Poly University.  Lastly I'm the host of the DHI podcast, a monthly show focused on the history of animation and theme park development.


A great way to start the year - Smithsonian Magazine included the DHI Podcast on its shortlist of recommended podcasts in 2020.  A big thanks go out to the editors of the magazine.  Find the full article here.  Find the DHI Podcast on iTunes.  Find the premium version on Bandcamp.


Three Years in Wonderland has just been released as an audiobook from Tantor Media, with Al Kessel narrating.  


The DHI Podcast is expanding into a Bandcamp subscription, with early releases and exclusive episodes not available anywhere else.

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